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Peerless Sword is a forthcoming wuxia novel from Snow Forest Studio. It is a translation of the 1963 wuxia novel 《無雙劍》by Taiwan wuxia author Qin Hong (秦紅). The story follows Huang Bo, a child weiqi prodigy, as he sets out among the rivers and lakes to look for his father who went missing just before a big tournament on Mt. Huang which would decide who would claim the title of “Peerless Under Heaven” and be regarded as the best swordsman among the martial fraternity.

Peerless Sword will be the first official wuxia novel translation to be published since Gu Long’s novel The Eleventh Son was published by Homa & Seka Books in 2004. Publication is tentatively set for 2016.

As this is an independent publishing venture, your support of this translation is much appreciated. The success of the publication of Peerless Sword will hopefully pave the way for more official wuxia translations in the future.

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates on this project. When a publication date is set, it will be posted here. Thanks for your support!

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On his 90th birthday, Jin Yong was visited by (left to right) Huang Xiaoming (Yang Guo - Return of the Condor Heroes 2006, Wei Xiaobao - Royal Tramp 2009), Li Yapeng (Linghu Chong - Laughing in the Wind/Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 2001, Guo Jing - Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008), and Hu Jun (Xiao Feng - Demi-Gods Semi-Devils 2003). Sitting next to Jin Yong is director/producer Zhang Jizhong.

ZJZ is planning to adapt the rest of JY novels in the future.

Wuxia Game

Oct. 5th, 2013 08:33 pm
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so i was wondering if anyone in here tried Age of wushu? probably many of you did, but how many that are truly into the wuxia world? i played the game some time ago and it was very fun too bad i always ended up playing alone and with people who played the game only for it being a game and not for its wuxia setting, which bring me to the topic at hand i would like to know if there are people in this community that would like to start a fixed group in age of wushu? i was thinking into making our own mini movies or things of the sort if things go well enough of course is a lot of work but i would love to take part on it.

if anyone is interested please email me at lightmaster66@hotmail.com and say you wanna do some roleplay on it


Aug. 10th, 2013 05:32 pm
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Fan Bingbing [3x]
Paladins in Troubled Times (behind the scene & promo shots) [10x]
Huang Xiaoming [1x]
Lin Chi-ling [4x]
Zhou Xun [4x]

The rest.
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 44 x Flying Swords of Dragon Gate
53 x Koshonin 2

flying swords of dragon gate 6 koshonin2 24 koshonin2 13

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 38 x Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
53 x The Warring States
28 x The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake

twkoml 13 snow flower 11 warring states 27

@ my DW
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Chapter 2 of my translation of Escort Banner (鏢旗) by Wolong Sheng is now up: http://xiaoshuo.genreverse.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=355#b 

Thanks for reading!
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The first chapter of Escort Banner (鏢旗), a novel by Wolong Sheng (臥龍生), is now up at Among the Rivers and Lakes. Take a look and thanks for reading!

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I'm going to be doing a full novel translation project at Among the Rivers and Lakes. You can vote on which novel I translate. You can vote in the poll here: http://xiaoshuo.genreverse.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=351 
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I have a new wuxia short story translation to share:

"Friend, Are You Dead?" by Wen Rui'an 
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 55 x Lotus Lantern
48 x Psychic Detective Yakumo
57 x Red Cliff I & II

lotus lantern 33 pdy 12 red cliff 21

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Submissions are now open for the first annual Wuxia Short Fiction Award, brought to you by Among the Rivers and Lakes Wuxia Community.

Submissions will be open until Oct. 31, 2013, after which a shortlist will be made and then members of Among the Rivers and Lakes will vote for the winner. A prize will be awarded, but the details of that prize are not available yet. It will be a physical object, though.

You can read the submission guidelines here: wuxia.genreverse.com/guidelines.html
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I will be beginning a translation of Liu Canyang's (柳殘陽) 《傷情箭》(Wounded Arrow)  at Among the Rivers and Lakes, and devilz91 will be doinga translation of Liang Yusheng's (粱羽生) 《塞外奇俠傳》 (Legend of the Hero Beyond the Great Wall) at spcnet.tv. 

So if you're looking for some new wuxia to read, stay tuned to those threads for updates.
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Wuxia series remakes: tiring deja-vu or new experience?

The truth according to wuxia (not to be taken too seriously - I think).

Brief review of WuXia, the 2011 movie with Donnie Yen and Kaneshiro Takeshi.

Painted Skin II: The Resurrection picspam. (Not a wuxia movie per se, just the best Chinese movie I've watched in 2012 so far) For my thoughts on the movie and two others, see here.

The sign-ups for [community profile] dark_agenda's Kaleidoscope are open! This post explains how to sign up and provides the list of eligible fandoms.
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Kaleidoscope 2012, a multimedia fanwork exchange for rare chromatic source fandoms, is starting.

dark_agenda was founded as a place to offer resources in order to increase the representation of international, non-English and non-Western fandoms in multi-fandom fanwork exchanges and festivals, as well as promote the responsible portrayal of characters of colo(u)r.
We seek to provide a space where fans, especially chromatic fans, can and are encouraged to critically produce, consume and discuss fanworks centered around chromatic cultures, characters and people.

You can follow it both on [livejournal.com profile] darkagenda and [community profile] dark_agenda.

The basics: On LJ | On DW
Nominations has started: How to nominate for Kaleidoscope and other information about the nominations process.
Promo banners: On LJ | On DW

(Banner made by me: Vicki Zhao and Zhou Xun in Painted Skin II: The Resurrection)
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50 x Chinese Ghost Story (2011)
21 x Future X-Cops
23 x Iron Monkey
38 x The Duel (2000)


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The first installment of my wuxia serial novel The Crying Bird Scatters the Clouds (鳴鴺散雲) is now up. A new part will be posted every weekday. 

Part 1

Thanks for reading!