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Wuxia serial novel coming soon

The Crying Bird Scatters the Clouds Poster

Among the multitude of martial arts schools within the wulin, one name towers above the rest: the Thunder Cloud School. Nestled in the mountains of Jiangxi, the members of the Thunder Cloud School practice their art in seclusion.

That peace is shattered when their senior disciple is found dead, implicating the school in the recent assassination of the local Prefect. Now, with the school members wanted by Imperial troops, and their master awaiting execution in the capital, disciple Hong Jielong, along with a junior member who can barely use a spear, must learn the truth of his elder brother’s past, and find a way to save his master’s life and protect the school from total destruction.

But while Hong Jielong and company roam the rivers and lakes looking for answers, a more deadly enemy waits in the shadows…

A new wuxia serial novel
by Han Shuang
Serialized in daily installments

Spring 2012

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