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Signal boost: Kaleidoscope 2012

Kaleidoscope 2012, a multimedia fanwork exchange for rare chromatic source fandoms, is starting.

dark_agenda was founded as a place to offer resources in order to increase the representation of international, non-English and non-Western fandoms in multi-fandom fanwork exchanges and festivals, as well as promote the responsible portrayal of characters of colo(u)r.
We seek to provide a space where fans, especially chromatic fans, can and are encouraged to critically produce, consume and discuss fanworks centered around chromatic cultures, characters and people.

You can follow it both on [livejournal.com profile] darkagenda and [community profile] dark_agenda.

The basics: On LJ | On DW
Nominations has started: How to nominate for Kaleidoscope and other information about the nominations process.
Promo banners: On LJ | On DW

(Banner made by me: Vicki Zhao and Zhou Xun in Painted Skin II: The Resurrection)