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Eve ([personal profile] yifu) wrote in [community profile] wuxia2012-09-05 02:47 pm

Stuff posted by me

Wuxia series remakes: tiring deja-vu or new experience?

The truth according to wuxia (not to be taken too seriously - I think).

Brief review of WuXia, the 2011 movie with Donnie Yen and Kaneshiro Takeshi.

Painted Skin II: The Resurrection picspam. (Not a wuxia movie per se, just the best Chinese movie I've watched in 2012 so far) For my thoughts on the movie and two others, see here.

The sign-ups for [community profile] dark_agenda's Kaleidoscope are open! This post explains how to sign up and provides the list of eligible fandoms.

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