Orlando ([personal profile] mhitandyr) wrote in [community profile] wuxia2013-10-05 08:33 pm

Wuxia Game

so i was wondering if anyone in here tried Age of wushu? probably many of you did, but how many that are truly into the wuxia world? i played the game some time ago and it was very fun too bad i always ended up playing alone and with people who played the game only for it being a game and not for its wuxia setting, which bring me to the topic at hand i would like to know if there are people in this community that would like to start a fixed group in age of wushu? i was thinking into making our own mini movies or things of the sort if things go well enough of course is a lot of work but i would love to take part on it.

if anyone is interested please email me at lightmaster66@hotmail.com and say you wanna do some roleplay on it