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Official translation of wuxia novel Peerless Sword forthcoming


Peerless Sword is a forthcoming wuxia novel from Snow Forest Studio. It is a translation of the 1963 wuxia novel 《無雙劍》by Taiwan wuxia author Qin Hong (秦紅). The story follows Huang Bo, a child weiqi prodigy, as he sets out among the rivers and lakes to look for his father who went missing just before a big tournament on Mt. Huang which would decide who would claim the title of “Peerless Under Heaven” and be regarded as the best swordsman among the martial fraternity.

Peerless Sword will be the first official wuxia novel translation to be published since Gu Long’s novel The Eleventh Son was published by Homa & Seka Books in 2004. Publication is tentatively set for 2016.

As this is an independent publishing venture, your support of this translation is much appreciated. The success of the publication of Peerless Sword will hopefully pave the way for more official wuxia translations in the future.

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates on this project. When a publication date is set, it will be posted here. Thanks for your support!