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Tian Long Ba Bu, which literally translates as "eight paths of the heavenly dragon," is also commonly known as Demigods and Semidevils. It has three male leads, overlapping storylines and themes, and numerous characters of various ethnicities. Below are clips and picspam from the latest TV version.

Clips: Opening, ending, official MV of an insert song, fanmade MVs, Japanese trailers )

Picspam. Apology for the small size and funky spots of colors. Spoilers are kept to a minimum. )

Links (spoiler warning applies):
The novel at Wiki
TLBB 2003 at Sina
SPCNet reviews
My review

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Behind the cut you will find character collages of Jin Yong female characters, i.e. illustrations of said characters + pictures of actresses who have been cast in the roles. The most recent pictures are from Bi Xue Jian 2007.

Book and Sword )

Legend of the Condor Heroes )

Return of the Condor Heroes )

Heaven Sword Dragon Saber )

Bi Xue Jian/Sword Stained With Royal Blood )

Tian Long Ba Bu/Demigods and Semidevils )

Xiao Ao Jiang Hu/State of Divinity )

I may add pics from Volant Fox From the Snowy Mountain after I read the novel (it's on my to-read list).

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Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 2001 is the latest TV adaptation of Jin Yong's novel of the same title. The series is marketed under the English title of Laughing in the Wind. Previous TV versions are alternately called Smiling Proud Wanderer and State of Divinity. The story revolves around intrigues and power-play in wulin, with side themes such as loyalty, honesty, piety, and that lack of balls =/= lack of courage, literally.

Clips: English preview, opening, ending, and fight scenes )

Under the cut is the promised picspam. Spoilers are kept to a minimum.
Picspam )

Links (spoiler warning applies):
Wiki entry on the novel
XAJH 2001 at Sina
Reviews at SPCNet
My review

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